Latin American Summer School in Computational Neuroscience


The principal aim of LACONEU 2019: 5th Latin-American Summer School in Computational Neuroscience is to promote in Latin America the field of Computational Neuroscience through cutting edge mathematical and computational science tools and its applications in Biomedical Research and Clinical Application. The multidisciplinary study of brain function using neuroscience, mathematics and computational approaches helps to a better understanding of brain functionalities under normal or pathological states, as well as, to enhance important advances in education, theoretical frameworks, brain imaging, and biomedical therapies.

We expect the participation of very motivated students that will spend most of their time attending LACONEU 2019, therefore we have prepared a rich program of activities.

  • Project presentations: Students will work on a research project during along the three weeks of LACONEU 2019. By the end of the third week, students will be invited to present a research report and an oral defense of their projects, which will be evaluated by faculties.
  • Morning Lectures: Students will participate in lectures given by distinguished international faculty on the topics of the Program.
  • Evening Lectures: Demonstration of methods and techniques about computational neuroscience. Students will learn how to work analytically and by numerical simulations in biomedical applications.
  • Practical training: During the afternoon the school attendants will work on their own research projects. Highly qualified tutors on neural modeling will help students.